Welcome to Dings . . . Established in 1899, Dings Company manufactures spring-set, electrically-released disc brakes for use with industrial motors.
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Dings Dynamics Group Products
MSHA Brake
Available since 1982, Dings Series 6-60000-75 is certified by the Mining Health and Safety Administration.
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    Certification for brakes that meet Baking Industry Sanitation Standards
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5600 Style Brakes

90 Series Brakes
Dings is committed to keeping our environment safe and our earth green. Read our statement regarding RoHS .
Simple construction & operation of Dings brakes gives us the advantage over solenoid-actuated brakes. Compare . .

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Easy steps to selecting the proper brake for your application
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Armature Actuated Brakes  
Dings introduces a new line of European-style metric brakes from
3 lb.ft. (4 Nm) up to 300 lb.ft. (400 Nm) . . . . see the catalog pages.  
  Dings brakes operate on a
very simple principle: while the motor is running with power engaged, an electromagnet within the brake pulls back the pressure plate, allowing the friction and discs motor shaft to rotate freely.
RoHS Compliance
Dings Series 40, 50, 60, D57 & D58 standard brakes comply with the
Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. All other brakes can
be ordered to comply with RoHS.
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Competitive Interchange
Cross-reference competitor model numbers to Dings model numbers.
C-face Brakes / European-style Metric Brakes
Instruction Manuals & Parts Lists
Find Instructions and Parts Lists by Brake Manual Number or Brake Series When power is cut to the motor, the electromagnet releases, instantly stopping the rotating discs and preventing the motor shaft from turning.
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Orders for standard stock parts placed by 2:30 p.m. Central Time will ship within
24 hours.  
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