1-70 Series – NEMA Frame Sizes 182/184TC; 213/215TC; 254/256TC
End Mount Brakes

Hazardous Location Brakes

Double C Face Coupler

Marine / Maritime / Navy


Dings Magnetic Separators

Dings Magnetic Division manufactures magnetic separators for recycling, bulk processing, construction, etc.
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The 1-70 Series can be used as a cost-effective alternative
to the 70 Series 10 - 25 lb-ft. brakes, and also includes a 1.5, 3,
or 6 lb.ft. brake for mounting to 180TC, 210TC, or 250TC frame motors.

1-70 Series Brake  
1-70 Series End Mount NEMA 2
Torque ratings 1.5 - 25 lb.ft.
Certifications: NEMA 2, CSA 2, IP41
Construction: Cast Iron

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