60 Series Brakes – 5600 Style NEMA Frame Sizes 56C / 143 & 145TC

60 Series 5600 Style End Mount NEMA 2
5600 Series Brake

Torque ratings 1.5 - 25 lb.ft.
Enclosure: NEMA 2, CSA 2, IP41
Construction: Stamped Steel Cover with Steel Bracket


  • Direct “Drop-in” Replacement for Stearns Models (No motor shaft modifications required)
  • Long life
    • Direct-Acting – One moving part optimizes brake life
    • Direct-Acting design eliminates solenoid plunger and linkages that wear and reduce brake life
    • Coil assembly has large contact area that reduces stress points and increases brake life
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
    • No disassembly required for mounting
    • Single point air gap adjustment point simplifies adjustments
    • Mounting in any position along the horizontal axis - no need to worry about solenoid plunger orienation
    • Friction disc stabilizing clips can be installed in any orientation
  • Superior Quality
    • Ground steel endplate ensures consistent torque rating and quiet operation
    • All metal parts used on manual release – no plastic parts
  • One Brake for All Applications
    • Through shaft standard on all models
      • Kits or end mount/through-shaft brake motor with fan
      • Knock-out hole in cover for through-shaft
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