D58 Armature-Actuated Brake Series – Metric Mount
Dings D58 Brake


Model D58 - Torque Adjustable
Torque ratings 3 - 300 lb.ft.
Mounting/ Bolt circle in millimeters:
72, 90, 112, 132, 145, 170, 196, 230, 278
C Face mounting available
Brake Operation
During the braking procedure, the rotor (3), which can be shifted axially on the hub (4), is pressed against the counter friction face (6) via the armature plate (1), by means of the compressions springs (2). When the brake is applied, an air gap is present between the armature plate and the stator (7).
The brake is released electromagnetically. The stator's coil is energized with DC voltage in order to release the brake. The resulting magnetic flux works against the spring force to draw the armature place to the stator. This releases the rotor from the spring force and allow it to rotate freely. Available with a torque adjust ring (8) to reduce braking torque (Model D58).
AAB Operation


Manual Release
Noise-reduced Design
Metric or English Bore Size
AC Rectifiers
C Face Mounting
Band Seal, Shaft Seal, Sealing Cap
Proving Switch
Manual Release Monitoring
Terminal Box
Air Gap Shim for improved response time
Wear Indicator