Brake Selection Guide - Detailed Step-by-step guide to choosing a brake for your application, including Brake Series selection
Brake Selection Guide
Quick Selection Guide - Condensed
guide to choosing the proper torque,
brake mounting, enclosure, for your application
Brake Application Guide

Brake Selection Chart - For NON-OVERHAULING LOADS : Select a brake based on torque and motor frame size
Brake Selection Chart
View, print and complete an
Application Questionnaire
Spring-Set Brake Application Form









Brake selection for Overhauling Loads.

Brakes for Hazardous Location Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F, & G:
See the U.L. website for more information regarding these Hazardous Locations.

Understanding NEMA Enclosure types.

Contact us if you still need assistance with brake selection for your application.


Some common applications for Dings brakes include:

Construction Elevators Freight Elevators
Cranes & Hoists Mining Elevators
Conveyors Mining Conveyors
Winches Printing Equipment
Food Processing Equipment Satellite Positioning Equipment
Door & Gate Operators Packaging Equipment
Automated Assembly Equipment Wind Generators
Saws Palletizers
Baggage Delivery Conveyors Shipboard Cranes
Tire Presses Overhead Doors